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  • Hands off the Taif Accord 

    It took 15 years and tens of thousands killed, displaced and scattered around the world, for Lebanon’s tribes to realize they had no choice but to coexist in...

  • Deadly schemes 

    At a time when Lebanon needs everyone to go beyond the call of duty to safeguard the nation’s interests, we are instead witnessing the same old games meant to...

  • The pillage of Palestine 

    Whoever said crime doesn’t pay failed to mention that the exception is when you have the Trump administration in your corner.

  • Unjust crackdown 

    The recent crackdowns on undocumented foreign labor in Lebanon which appear to target Syrian and Palestinian refugees are quite worrisome, as they raise...

  • Criminal land theft 

    Israel’s recent moves in the West Bank, which all aim at annexation, expropriation and evictions, have made the purpose of the Bahrain conference very clear.

  • Back to earth 

    In 2016, the Lebanese celebrated the election of a new president with Reform and Change as the promise the country was waiting for.